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REVERSE RAFFLE – It’s a Wrap!! 

WOW WOW WOW – our biggest fundraiser is over and we blew it out of the park!!  I was hoping we would raise $12,000 but we ended up taking in just under $14,300 after expenses!!  

This was a BIG effort based on a lot of peoples hard work and CC2015 appreciates any help that was given!

I would like to mention a few NON-2015 people that REALLY helped us pull this off and it wouldn’t have happened as well as it did without them!  We will be there for the ones that have future CC’s coming up!!

-          John Lucius – Auctioneer who gave up a working gig to help us out and raised $2,790 … WOW!!  Thanks John for ALL you did!

-          Joy Bryant – Expert RR guru that kept us in line and stayed up till 4pm the night before working on the silent auction!! She has been behind the scene doing so much!

-          Debbie Brown – From selling tickets to making sure we had paddles, she was there at every turn!  She was my “sanity” J

-          Cindy Padavick – She helped with decorating, wrapping and my go to person for any question I had!!  

-          Linda and Scott Casper – Linda was there for every meeting and gathering to help us get ready and Scott put that Grill together!!

-          David Books – He organized the whole RR stage area and so I didn’t have to worry about any of it.  He has also been doing our website … THANKS!!

-          Pam Simpson & Terri Perrey – friends of mine that were there for so many parts of getting this ready and I appreciate all their help!

-          All the senior baseball players were all decked out in black pants and white dress shirts serving up the food – they did a fantastic job!

-          Connally High School Jazz Band – which had 5 seniors playing!!

-          Andrea Rankine was photographing J

-          Sean Mora was running around doing his mom’s errands for the reverse raffle while she had a family emergency up north that she had to attend and was also there helping with setup!

I would like to start listing all the FANTASTIC people that are CC2015 that helped but the list would go on and on and on … and if I forgot someone, I would feel horrible J

I would like to SHOUT OUT to Deena Collins!!  As everyone knows that was there is that I won the RR Game and donated the $1000 back to the class.  What you DON’T know is that Deena was with me as the last two.  When it was the last two, she said, I’m giving the money back and I said I was too so we decided to just go on to a final win which normally doesn’t happen!  SO … regardless of what happened, we knew that the class was getting the money!  So if you see Deena, please give her a BIG THANK YOU!!!

I hope everyone had a great time and I’m personal happy that it was a success and it’s over J  I have had people asking me about who the caterer was and it is a great couple who moved to Austin after the hurricane.  Their website is and .  The menu online is just a handful of what she does and she works with you to get you what you need.  She was a joy to work with J  Since our event, Pam Simpson had them do a Cajun meal for the employees at BMC Software for company event and everyone enjoyed it immensely there also!!

So we are on the wind down of raising money with just a few very low intense fundraisers left and then we will be there.  There are a few of us working a concert at COTA, GOODWILL Drive on April 11 (save your stuff, we stand to make a lot of money here without much work!!), Capital Comedy Club Fundraiser (still organizing), Flocking and sheet sales!  

THANKS EVERYONE … and sorry that I didn’t do a shout out to all the big hitters but we all know who you are!!!


On April 11th we will be having a Goodwill Drive and will receive a $1000 for every truck we fill.  More info to follow but save your donations for our drive!!  You will still receive a receipt for tax purposes!


We had a couple of people that wanted to order more sheets so we will be placing an order this week if anybody would like to order or re-order any sheets.

In the past few years so many of you have taken advantage of Project Graduation's 1200 thread count sheets for $45 any size.  Many have also asked if anyone is selling them again.  GOOD NEWS! Project Graduation 2015 is selling them NOW!!   

  • Soft as Egyptian Cotton
  • Extra Deep Pockets
  • Elastic ALL the way around
  • Smooth silky feeling
  • They do not pill!!

Colors:  Aqua, Black, Burgundy, Camel (Gold), Chocolate, Cream, Grey, Lavender, Mocha, Navy, Plum, Rust, Sage, White

Sizes:  Twin, Extra Long Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King.

Price: - All sheet sets are $45.  From Twin to California King all are $45.

Sets Include:  Sheet sets include: 1 flat, 1 fitted (deep pockets with elastic all the way around) and two pillow cases. 

                               Except for twin which has only ONE Pillow Case.

Time Frame:  Sheet sets will be here prior to Christmas!

Payment upon receipt of sheets:  I will call you when I get the sheets to arrange exchanging your sheets for a  check made out to CC2015.

NEW THIS YEAR: Memory Foam Pillows---Standard/Queen/$40   KING/$45 


We have two flocks of around 45 flamingos each that are just waiting to fly somewhere!  They have been bringing smiles wherever they have flown but at the momemt they are in need of new places to go!  If you would like to surprise someone for their birthday, anniversary, just because, let Raquel know and she will get her team going (!  We have a lot of special flamingos like Patriotic, Old Buzzer, Santa and a few outfits to dress up one by the sign!  Just ask Raquel what your need is and she can let you know what she can do!  The cost is just $25 for 24-48 hrs … time depends on how busy we are.  With two flocks we have been able to generally leave them there for 2 days!  

UT and Concert opportunities: 

I am getting emails whenever there is a need to work at a concert or UT event.  Some of them would be great opportunities and require some TABC and some non-TABC certified people.  Some, our kids can help with.  Unfortunately, when they come up, like the 10 person concession stand at the Iglesias concert, it got snatched up in an hour.  Is anyone interested in working a UT basketball games or concerts at Erwin Center?  If so, I need to let her know that we are ready to snatch something up!   I’ve attached a schedule to this email.  PLEASE let me know if there is any interest in this!

Next Meeting Date:

NEXT MEETING on Monday, Mar 23rd at 6:30pm in the library 

Fundraising Status:


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