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We have two flocks of around 45 flamingos each that are just waiting to fly somewhere!  They have been bringing smiles wherever they have flown but at the momemt they are in need of new places to go!  If you would like to surprise someone for their birthday, anniversary, just because, let Raquel know and she will get her team going (!  We have a lot of special flamingos like Patriotic, Old Buzzer, Santa and a few outfits to dress up one by the sign!  Just ask Raquel what your need is and she can let you know what she can do!  The cost is just $25 for 24-48 hrs … time depends on how busy we are.  With two flocks we have been able to generally leave them there for 2 days!  

UT and Concert opportunities: 

I am getting emails whenever there is a need to work at a concert or UT event.  Some of them would be great opportunities and require some TABC and some non-TABC certified people.  Some, our kids can help with.  Unfortunately, when they come up, like the 10 person concession stand at the Iglesias concert, it got snatched up in an hour.  Is anyone interested in working a UT basketball games or concerts at Erwin Center?  If so, I need to let her know that we are ready to snatch something up!   I’ve attached a schedule to this email.  PLEASE let me know if there is any interest in this!

Next Meeting Date:

NEXT MEETING on Monday, Mar 23rd at 6:30pm in the library 

Fundraising Status:


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