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The parents of the Senior Class of Connally High School, Class of 2016, 

are gearing up for another action-packed year.   Putting on a safe and 

wonderful graduation night party for our kids is our reward as we work together all year to earn money for this endeavor.  All ideas are welcomed and encouraged as we do an array of fundraising activities to make our seniors' graduation night safe, alcohol- and drug-free, and memorable.

Join us!

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We have two flocks of around 45 flamingos each that are just waiting to fly somewhere!  They have been bringing smiles wherever they have flown but at the momemt they are in need of new places to go!  If you would like to surprise someone for their birthday, anniversary, just because, let Catherine know and she will get her team going (!  We have a lot of special flamingos like Patriotic, Old Buzzer, Santa and a few outfits to dress up one by the sign! 

UT and Concert opportunities: 

Saturday, Aug 29th, we need to be at training for the UT booth we will be manning for the home UT football games!  Please plan on 4 hours and they will have drinks and snacks provided.  This will be a paid training and your money will go to the class you are working for. 


The training will be held at the Frank Erwin Center in the Lonestar Room.  For those familiar with the facility, you can come in the same entrance that you use when working and follow the yellow path.  You can also enter off of Red River and the room is on your right as you come in through the entrance.  For those not familiar with the facility, please use the Red River entrance. 


Parking isn’t free, so I suggest we carpool and save on parking!  If you would like to carpool, please meet at my house (2006 Crystal Shore Dr Austin, TX 78728 in Wells Branch) and we will take as few vehicles as needed!  Please be here at 8:15am.  Let me know if you would like to carpool!


Also, besides Lisa (CC2018), I haven’t heard from anybody on what games they can work.  I will need to know if we are going to be able to fill all the spots, and at some point I will need to send in names. 


See you on Sat Morning!


TABD Certification Instructions:

To get certified you can take an online course, which takes 3-4 hours and the end you will get a certificate that you can then email to me.   The cost ranges from around $11 to $15 depending on which one you use.  A link to a list of all TABC places is at  Courses that I know people have taken online are 

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